Me and my girl:

100 days, 100 drawings


One of my dearest friends, Dr Christine Crowe, challenged herself to something very simple: choose a creative project, do it every day for 100 days, and share your process with others. Christine chose to compose a haiku linked to a photograph she has taken and is now up to Haiku #311. Her work is beautiful and stunning in the way she shares her obserbations of daily life

I have been drawing me and “my girl” since 1995, some months every day, some years less than one day and I have missed her lately. Inspired by Christine’s daily act of creativity, I decided that she and I would become reacquainted – it was time for the woman and the girl to join together once more. And so here we are, one day at time beginning on 31 January 2021 – in all of our messiness and incompleteness – with no (well, maybe a little) explanation.

Day 35

Day 34

Day 33

Day 32
Day 31


Day 30


Day 29
Day 28


Day 27


Day 26